Take a hike!

There really are some places you will want to see with both eyes and legs. My top three spots to take a hike starts with a 75 km trek along Canada’s West coast trail. The trail, named the best hike in the world by Besthike.com since 1999, takes you on a journey along a rugged, picturesque coastline that requires a high level of fitness to complete. The trail takes you through dense forest, exposed shelves, and bogs with thick patches of deep mud. Whether ascending or descending wooden ladders or using logs to cross over rivers, the West Coast Trail will capture your spirit for adventure. Bears, sea lions, cougars, orcas, gray whales, eagles, and baby seals catching some rays on the beach are some of the wildlife that can be seen. Hikers must conquer their fear of heights as cable car suspensions must be used to cross over some rivers and streams. Sand and pebble beaches, headlands, old growth trees, streams, and waterfalls are some of the pleasures that can be experienced in your quest of Canada’s West Coast Trail.

Next stop … Milford Track, New Zealand.

The trail attracts over 14,000 visitors to complete the 54 km trek each year. Deep valleys created by glacier run-offs and alpine flowers can be seen while walking along un-even ground through alpine passes. Wade through flood water up to a meter deep or pass through deep beach forest while taking in panoramic mountain views and breathtaking wildlife on your way to Sutherland Falls. At 580 meters in 3 leaps, it’s the world’s third largest waterfall. Take a good raincoat and don’t expect a Sunday stroll in the park, and what you will end up with is a lasting memory of one of the few remaining natural wilderness areas. Milford Track is pure wilderness with wild weather. It is described by many who take on the challenge as, “the finest walk in the world.” It truly shows the raw beauty of New Zealand.

I’m thinking Arby’s … Actually my next hike takes us out of touch with fast food restaurants. Borneo is a land rich in rainforests with its extensive cave systems and clear sky views. Headhunters and exotic wildlife will at times make you feel like a prisoner on the third largest island in the world.

Journey through Clearwater cave … Home to three million bats and the world’s longest underground river.

It’s all part of taking in the most biologically diverse place on Earth. See Macaques, Gibbons, and venture into the only remaining natural habitat for the Orangutan. You won’t need a jacket as the temperature stays at 27 degrees Celsius all year long. Though, you may want to bring a rain coat as the ground fills up with 2900 millimeters each year. Borneo is the place to experience true peace and tranquility. You won’t have to look for trailheads … Just pick a direction and start walking.


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