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Hair Wig’s Surviving the Ages;

Men and women have been using hair wigs for many purposes since the beginning of time. In ancient Egypt, men used wigs to shield there bald heads from the hot sun. Wigs have been used predominantly by the western world; although, they are used in the far east for traditional theatre.

Until the fall of the Roman empire wigs were used exponentially, only to disappear, and re-emerge a thousand years later in western civilization during the 16th century.

During the 16th, and 17th century, wigs became known as status symbols for anyone of rank.The first wig makers guild was created in France in the year 1655, and would become a prominent occupation during the next century.

Wigs are used on a daily bases by those in television, movies, and theatre. It is also a viable option for those wanting to conceal hair loss from the public due to medical ailments.