Parks and Recreation, vital to every community.

I’m sure like many, you have sat upon a park bench over-looking a pond, lake or river a time or two. Having parks, and recreation grounds gives the whole community a chance to be out enjoying the sun with there friends, and family.

It’s fair to say that whether taking a walk at the park on a first date, enjoying a picnic with the family or working off that extra helping you had for dinner, parks, and recreation services are important to everyone. Parks, and Recreation facilities encourage growth in community spirit, and is a slam dunk in the building blocks of every town or city.

Kids swinging on the monkey bars while parents make new friends, and expand their potential business circles. New in town, call up the recreation department, and they will send you in the right direction. Do something your already interested in or try something new, your guaranteed to have fun, and meet many new people.

No dollar value can be placed on the health benefits, which steady exercise provides. A million dollars may buy you many toys, but it doesn’t buy you that clean bill of health that comes from a run in the park every day, for twenty years.

If you don’t like walking, give rollerblading a try. Buy a bicycle, and if your fleet of foot, take in the long boarding craze that has taken North America by storm.

Another sport taking flight, is Frisbee Golf or as loyal enthusiasts would say, “Frolf.” It adds something to the sometimes boring walk around the park Take a few buddies with you or ask your neighbor if he would like to “Frolf”, with you. Would be an ideal first or second date.

The ponds provide fishing within city limits, while giving Happy the West highland terrier with some drinking water, and a refreshing sprint through the shallow waterline near the shore. Dogs love going for walks, especially in the park. In many areas, the dogs are free to roam, free from the constraints of their owner, who wants a relaxing evening out too.

Recreation is at the forefront of most town, and city hall meetings. People don’t mind paying taxes to repair damaged roads or providing for a sustainable health care system, but they want to increase their enjoyment around the community. Parks, and Recreation is a grass roots initiative, and is the staple in every municipality.

Parents get a much needed break from their kids sports coaches providing brief stints of babysitting relief. Kids need a break from parents too. Kids who exercise, and/or participate in competitive sports grow into stronger, more confident, and relaxed adults. Able to handle any difficult situation they run into in the future.

If the child is not outdoors, they are indoors playing video games, watching dvd’s, eating not so healthy food alternatives, steadfast on a path which leaves the child lacking the necessary social skills to step into the real world.


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