Summer, a time of new possibilities.

The snow has melted, and the warm summer air is upon us once again. For many, the summer is a time to hope, and search for romance. The hot sun seems to give everyone a pleasant disposition, and heightens any sense of attraction you may feel.

I’m a guy, so lets face it. When that hot sun is blazing, and you see someone you find attractive doing everyday things, it drives you crazy, because the heat wave is similar to a Doctor pumping pharamone’s into your body. Ladies want to see manly legs exposed to the elements, and tanned arms, so you know those summer toxin’s, very well.

New couples walking around the park, hands swinging with that crazy Lethbridge wind. Flowing conversation, smiles, and picking up doggy doodoo after Happy the Westie drops a deuce, are all part of the intoxication of my favorite season. With dating on the minds of many, here’s where you should go when you want to make a lasting first impression.

A: A dog park is forever endearing in the hearts of women who won’t tolerate you leaving the toilet lid up, but will gladly scoop up a bag of poo. Go here, and you sure to find a more open, friendly crowd. Even better if you have a dog yourself. It shows your willing to give up some of your time, and you can handle the responsibility of looking after someone other than yours truly.

B: Take a trip to the mountains or anywhere that you can escape from the hustle, and bustle of city life. You will both feel enthralled by going on an adventure.

C: If you have secret spots located within the city, take her to one of them. Tell her why you like that particular spot. It will make her feel more included in the date, and you’ll feel even more comfort from your place of solitude. You might want to save this for the second date.

D: Take her to a local park. Bring a blanket, and a snack. Bubbly is optional. Then make sure you have a great book full of short stories. You can take turns reading to each other, and you’ll both enjoy the new experience.

E: Take a dance lesson or any, one day course. Even if you two don’t feel a spark, you’ll be learning a new skill. There are other single people taking these courses. This gives you an automatic wing-man for those moments when you feel like you have nothing to say, but should speak. Great first date.

F: If you have heard the expression, “try something new, as often as you can, and live in the moment.”, you can’t pick a better time to express yourself than now. Do something crazy, and if nothing else, it will be a rewarding experience, creating a priceless memory. You’ll both be turned on, but it takes two people who are open to the mantra of going for it.

No matter what, have fun, let loose, enjoy the summer of love, and acuna-matata, “no-worries.”


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