Embracing a natural high

It’s Wednesday, and your dragging your feet.  Not baring to think of how you’ll manage the rest of the week as every ounce of energy has been used.

Sleep deprived, mentally, and physically exhausted, and at your limits with stress overload.  Here are five steps to boost your energy levels naturally:

1)    Stop for a moment, take some deep breaths, and visualize yourself with boundless energy.  Changing your state of mind gives birth to a positive attitude that gets you through the most draining day.

2)    Eating healthy lunches can also be a step in the right direction.  Take the time to go out once a week, and buy some lunch meat.  Whip together your own subs with all the fixings, and don’t forget your fruits, and vegetables.  You’ll feel better, and as a result you will look healthier.  Instead of loading yourself full of caffeine or energy drinks, buy a bulk supply of vitamin water, and take one with you to class in the morning, and drink plenty of H2O throughout the day.

3)    Never forget to look after yourself.  That being said, no matter how     busy you are with school or work, take time for yourself.  Pursue those activities you enjoy doing, and hang out with friends.  Stress can reduce your energy levels in a flash, so don’t let that happen.  If your happier, it will show in your other endeavours, and you may find that you are more affective in less time.

4)  Last, but certainly not least, hit the gym.  Run, lift weights or participate in a team sport till your so full of sweat that it looks like you jumped in the pool with your clothes on.  Working out increases your oxygen levels, which allows your brain more clarity in thinking when those high stress situations are presented.  Nutrition (eating well) , and working out go hand in hand.

Eat better, work-out, think positive thoughts, visualize success, and make take time for yourself to re-energize your spirits.  That energy boost you wanted, will be their when you need it most.


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