Fist bump shakes tradition

Swine flu is shaking up the way we look at giving our opponents respect following a game in sport.  With the growing concern over the health of Canadians, the Olympic team and ACAC will be taking some steps in avoiding the risks.

The Canadian Olympic team will be avoiding handshakes, high-fives, hugs and other forms of physical contact in favour of the fist-bump.  Canadian Olympic pairs’ skater, Bryce Davison told CTV sports that he would find it weird to do a fist-pump with senior officials, such as International Skating Union president, Ottavio Cinquanta.

The matter was recently discussed at the ACAC board of governors meeting, where it was decided that the status quo with respect to the ACAC code of conduct, which states the shaking of hands, mandatory after every game.

“I was against hand shaking and we’ll be providing hand sanitizer for the athletes at every game,” says Linda Henderson, Director of court sports for the ACAC.

“With sports like basketball, we left it up to the players themselves because we figured that there is already so much bacteria on the ball that it wouldn’t matter.

Unless we’re directed by the CIS, (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) to implement a no hand shake rule, we won’t be doing it,” said Henderson.

The Ontario Futsal Association has also banned the use of the handshakes following a game of soccer to reduce the risks associated with the Swine Flu.


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