Kodiak men’s volleyball team humbled by heroes

Lethbridge College welcomed Team Canada Masters in the Val Matteotti gymnasium on Friday night, giving fans a first glimpse into the volleyball squad this year.

Team Canada Masters are made up of 7 guys who formerly represented Canada on the world stage of volleyball.  They look to stay competitive in the sport they love, and send out invitations to college’s, and universities across Canada.

After everyone in the gym stood up, and faced the Canadian flag during the singing of our national anthem, the game got underway.

The Team Canada Masters, honorary home team, won the first set 25-23 after an engaging first game of the match.

The Kodiak’s were in tough against their hero’s, whom many looked up to while growing up.  “They’re very smart, and make every shot look easy out there”, said Andy Hemmerling, Kodiak’s player of the game.  “You respect them because of all they’ve accomplished.”

The second set ended with a 25-23 win by Team Canada Masters who had to work harder to win the game, but came out on top after a couple errors by the vastly inexperienced Kodiak’s players.

The third match ended with the same score-line, 25 to 23, giving Team Canada masters the win for the night.

Upon conclusion of the match, the two teams decided to play one more match for fun.  Team Canada Masters held an 8-2 advantage to start the game, but a motivated Kodiak’s team fought hard defensively blocking many spiking attempts to come out on top, 25 to 23.

It’s a rewarding experience for the students to play some of the guys they looked up to playing for Canada, and gives the Masters team a chance to stay in game shape, said Mark Kosak, Athletic Director.

The Kodiak’s look to be a competitive squad going into ACAC play, with their first test of the ACAC 2009/10 season to come when they welcome the Red Deer Kings on Oct. 23.


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