Lethbridge College hockey team M.I.A.

The Kodiak bear (epitomizing strength, courage, stamina, and an undying perseverance) has been the face of Lethbridge College sports teams since 1962, and won’t be representing Canada’s most loved sport this year.

A  college hockey team is missing in action, and no such team has ever   existed in the ACAC’s  47th year history in partnership Lethbridge College.

Lethbridge college President, Tracy Edwards says that it’s far too expensive to run a hockey team, and that the colleges which have a team a team in the ACAC, are finding major funds or a full community sport involvement as it’s the main sports attraction.

Edwards also says that the athletic department doesn’t get much money, and can only afford to pay for so many sports so a hockey team is not in the college’s future plans.

The $350,000 dollars in costs associated with running a team in the ACAC is nearly the entire budget for the Athletic program, says Athletic director, Mark Kosak.  Those costs include paying for team gear, costs of renting an ice surface for practices, and home games, along with paying between $20,000, and $25,000 dollars for sticks alone. The cost’s associated with traveling all over the province of Alberta is not a cheap either.

The average college student pays ($3,500 dollars in tuition costs), including an unspecified amount of money allocated towards athletic Fees.

Make a trip down to Nicolas Sheran hockey rink at 10:45 PM, and watch the level of hockey that’s out there.  The players deliver quality passes, fast skating, and hard fore-checking.   College enrolled hockey players are competitive, and able to show that fighting spirit wearing the Kodiak bear upon their crest.

The college is missing out on catching the students, and the community spirit for the large bear you fixate on when you walk past the athletic department.

Students should get angry, and petition the Board of Govenors, and students association to rule in favor of supporting young men, and women to wear the Kodiak crest as they hit the ice.


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