Livestrong encourages a positive attitude

Less than two weeks ago, Jeff Hamilton, an avid cyclist, and a member of the campus recreational advisory committee received an email from the Livestrong Cancer Foundation who had a goal of organizing 100 communities to take part in Livestrong day.

Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer on Oct. 2, and has organized the Lance Armstrong cancer foundation to raise spirits, and awareness of the complexities cancer places on our lives.

“We have a number of cancer survivors on staff at Lethbridge College”, said Hamilton.  “It’s amazing how many people are affected by cancer.”

Hamilton went to the board of governors’, and got the approval of the President of the college, Tracy Edwards.  “Everyone from all areas of the college came together quickly to support the Livestrong cancer foundation.

The college has organized a bike ride which will start on Oct 2 in front of the IB building at 11am, and two different walks into the coulees at 12pm and 1pm, respectively.

Edwards provided $500 dollars for the purchase of 240 yellow Livestrong bracelets, which will be available to those that show up to lend their support.  “We are encouraging people to wear yellow to celebrate the fight against cancer”, said Hamilton.

Hamilton relayed the information to Lethbridge college alumni, Kelly Burke, the TLC coordinator who regularly assembles a staff of volunteers to help out with various events taking place at the college all year long.  “Burke was instrumental in organizing the Livestrong event”, said Hamilton.


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