Peak’s and valleys for Kodiaks soccer

The Kodiaks started off the season with a win over the Mount Royal Cougars, and a draw verses SAIT Trojans, and as a result were ranked 11th in the CCAA national rankings after opening week-end.

The men’s team got off to a good start with a dramatic 3-2 victory over the Mount Royal Cougars in the first game of the season.

In the 87th minute, a searching through ball found Kodiaks striker  #25 Cole Runge, who made a great run. Runge kicked the ball with his left foot, and sent the ball past the outstretched arms of Cougars goalkeeper Tudor Dinca.

In Sunday’s 2-2 draw versus the S.A.I.T. Trojans, the Kodiaks held a defensive stance for most of the game.

The Trojans fouled hard, resulting in two Kodiaks players going off with injuries, and several more needing medical treatment.

For the second straight game, Kodiaks player of the game was goalkeeper Ben Ethier , who worked tirelessly repelling shot after shot.

In the second weekend of the season, the Kodiak’s traveled to Medicine Hat to take on the Rattlers in a game where they were beaten 5-1.

The Kodiak’s were back home to take on the The Red Deer Kings.  The teams were equal to the task as they exchanged chances at the beginning of the game, but in the 30th minute the Kings were awarded a free kick, which was placed into the bottom corner of the net.

A few minutes later, on a Kodiak’s free-kick, the Kings goalkeeper fumbled the ball.  The Kodiak’s capitalized to tie the score 1-1.

Red Deer took the lead in the 70th minute after a shot was placed into the top right corner of the net.  Two minutes later, the Kodiak’s were awarded a penalty shot.  Reneud Renvoye, Kodiak’s player of the game, converted the penalty kick to equal the score at 2-2.

Five minutes later, a Kings forward faked a shot with his right foot, and switched to his left, and struck the ball into the corner of the Kodiak’s net.  The Kodiak’s could not answer back in the remaining 20 minutes.

On Sept. 24, the Kodiak’s welcomed the Medicine Hat Rattlers to First Choice Savings field in a rematch of the previous weeks 5-1 loss.

The Kodiak’s were down 3-0 after some errors in man marking by the defense.

Tempers flared in the second half as Cole Runge scored to narrow the deficit to 3-1.

Runge scored his second goal of the game with 20 minutes remaining to take the Rattlers lead down to one goal.Kodiak’s pushed forward in search of the tieing goal, but came up short.

Kodiak’s player of the game was #7, Nathan Dejardin.

On Sunday the Kodiak’s lost 7-1 to S.A.I.T.

The Kodiak women started their season with a 2-0 loss to the Mount Royal Cougars.

In there second game of the season, they suffered a 2-0 loss to the S.A.I.T Trojans after playing a stronger team game..  The Trojans fouled the Kodiak’s players on numerous occasions, and the game had a nasty air to it as the referee seemed to lose control of the match.

The Kodiak’s women travelled to Medicine Hat for their first away game of the season losing 3-1.  On Sunday they were back home, and suffered a 5-0 loss to the Red Deer Kings???? in a match where they were outplayed in the first half, but finished strong in the second half.

Goalkeeper Kara Denash was the Kodiak’s player of the game.

On Sat. 26, the Kodiak’s posted their first victory of the season with a 3-1 win over the Medicine Hat Rattlers.On Sunday, the Kodiak’s lost 4-1 to S.A.I.T.


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