Apply Alberta helping students find their path

Apply Alberta, a government initiative to bridge the communication gap between post-secondary instituations has finally taken flight after 2-years of co-ordinated meetings. The Lethbridge College APAS Team is part of a province wide plan to network 21 public, post-secondary institutions to make life easier for students all over Alberta.

There are two major benefits that come from the Apply Alberta program. Prospective students in Alberta can now go to their website at and fill in their application for admission forms and afterwords, the student has the option of choosing to keep their application history accessible to any university or college in Alberta. So, if the student decides to apply to a different program or post-secondary institution, the information is already there.

A process which saves time for college staff as well as the student. Additionally, all transcripts will now be available at the touch of a button. Instead of having to request their transcripts from Alberta Education and paying of fees to have those transcripts sent to the respective institution, the students or admissions faculty can go to the Apply Alberta site and access them at any time.

“This will save our staff an enormous amount of time,” says Suzie Kennedy, a key member of the APAS team.

“The feedback we’re getting from students is that it’s slick and easy.”


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