Beating down procrastination’s ugly head

Procrastinating is one of the key lack-of motivational tools behind every unsuccessful person. If you’re not dependable to yourself or others, how can they trust you will do a great job when called upon. Some ways to turn you bad habit into a good one are by not justifying why you didn’t do what you said you would. Stop making excuses; there are none. Stopping procrastination is about being accountable to yourself and others. Stop saying to yourself, I have time so I can do it later or I don’t feel motivated or in the right mood to do it right now. Don’t wait till you feel motivated. Often times you will feel motivated and in the right mood once you start the project. One way to find out if you’re telling yourself lies is to start the project and work at it for 15 minutes. Chances are that you will feel less tired and more motivated after getting into the task. If not, you at least got the project started and know that your exhaustion is legitimate. Beat down procrastinations ugly head to give yourself a successful future.


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