Kodiaks clinch playoff birth

The Kodiaks men’s basketball team sealed a playoff birth after a dominating 91-60 win over SAIT on Saturday evening.

The Kodiaks started the game in a strong defensive posture right from the tip off. Feisty and tenacious efforts lead to a SAIT timeout with over 3 minutes to go in the first quarter. The scoring gap increased after play resumed as SAIT entered the penalty, leading to a 23-12 lead for the Kodiaks

They continued their strong play at the start of the second quarter, which led to several turnovers. Feeling the pressure, SAIT called another timeout. Coming out of the huddle, the Trojans employed an aggressive half court trap to great affect as they clawed their way back to a 35-25 deficit by the end of the half.

After an exciting cheerleading display at halftime, the Kodiaks came out strong for the third quarter. Every player was on fire to start the second half, draining bucket after bucket from every spot on the floor. In the midst of the breathtaking display of shooting skills and a 19-3 run, Logan Mendenhall drained a shot from the arc, plus the foul, to complete the four-point play. The crowd went into a frenzy as his teammates behind him jumped off the bench to help Mendenhall to his feet, giving him high fives as he walked over to the foul line.

“We came out with a really solid effort. Probably the best game we’ve played all year,” says Logan Reiter, Kodiaks player of the game. The first-year business student straight out of high school put up 17pts and had a stellar defensive effort to lead the Kodiak charge.

“We’re a small team, so we have to hustle out there.”

He knows they’ll have to keep up the strong play if they’re going to have a chance at winning the ACAC championship.

“I think if we can continue to play like this, we can have a deep playoff run.”


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