Lethbridge College snow removal plan

The storm that hit Lethbridge last weekend crippled student’s ability to get to school and make it to their classes safely. The snowstorm followed by several days of 30 below weather has caused several icy spots to develop, causing incidents on the roadways that may have been avoided with further prevention methods.

Chris Eagan, director of management facilities is asking that anyone with information on some of the icy spots on campus, should give them a call with their concerns at the general facilities office 320-3223 or email at www.chris.eagen@lethbridgecollege.ab.ca.

“We’re only to happy to have others call in, because we’re only seven guys and can’t be everywhere,” says Egan.

“Our priorities are getting faculty and students to class safely.”

Egan also says that it’s tough for his Building Maintenance Supervisor, Clarence Slomp to decide what is a greater priority.

“Do we set up the chairs in the gymnasium for a tournament on the weekend or go out and take care of the snowfall.”

Slomp has been given full power to decide what to do as these situations arise. The maintenance crew can’t be everywhere and has to compromise between where to delegate the crew.

“Often when we are in the gym setting up chairs, we’ll get a complaint about a slippery sidewalk where someone has taken a fall.”

The crew of seven is responsible for maintenance of school grounds, walkways, parking lots and anywhere else students or faculty walk. They’re also responsible for setting up chairs for sporting events or maintaining classrooms and the cafeteria’s ability to function. Egan says it’s also about trying to strike a balance between safety and academics. Since it’s an educational institution, academics comes’ first and if they hire another maintenance worker, the money won’t be there to hire more faculty.

“If the situation becomes extreme, I can contract out for emergencies,” says Egan

The maintenance department is responsible for keeping their own snowplows in tact and taking care of any snow that falls on campus. They use Snowmelt as little as possible because it’s more expensive, but better for the grass.

“We spread small chipped blocks around on the pavement,” says Egan

“The maintenance crew is doing all they can when a snowstorm hits, but it’s all about striking a balance between safety, workload and nature.”


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