Lethbridge Police go without snow tires

With winter in full swing, snow tires are on the minds of many who want to be safe on the road. The Lethbridge police aren’t using them and believe it’s the responsibility of the individual driver to drive safely and slow down if need be.

In an article recently published in the Calgary Herald, an officer made comments alluding to the lack of snow tires on Edmonton police cruisers and thought it was crazy that Canada’s northern most city, doesn’t have snow tires, yet Calgary does.

When asked about snow safety when driving on Lethbridge roads, Kristen Harding responded by saying, “I think people always have to be mindful of safety. If you’re going to fast, slowing down is one of the most important things you can do.”

In the Dec.9 issue of The Endeavour, the importance of winter tires was made clear.

“The difference is a pretty big jump in traction from summer or all-season tires to winter tires,” says Brian Aman, chief instructor at the AMA driving school.

Winter tires can grip in weather up to -30 degrees Celcius, because of softer rubber that stays pliable during rough conditions.

Aman recommends that all four tires be changed to winter tires, as only changing two will decrease the effectiveness of the grip.


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