My professional profile

I am a 31 year old aspiring writer looking to broaden my horizons into the online publishing world. I am currently enrolled in college and on my way to a dream job as a Journalist. It is my hope that anyone reading my information will become more informed and have an understanding of my professional abilities. Thank you all for taking the time to read and I look forward to continually making updates.

I write for the Lethbridge College newspaper “The Endeavour.”  The newspaper has won national awards, beating out many of the larger schools in the past.  I believe that the teaching I’m receiving is preparing me to be the best I can be in the writing world.

Journalism qualifications include proficiency in Final Cut Pro, Adobe In-Design and Photoshop CS4. Microsoft Excell for spreadsheats and HTML for website designing.  The use of Video sequencing, Burli and Adobe audition for working with audio. Extensive experience with Canon Rebel digital SLR camera’s with or w/o the telephoto lens and proper use of photo composition to capture the most impact in the image.

I’m currently freelancing for The  Westwind Weekly News, G-magazine as well as The Circumference, an online magazine that documents unique life experiences  from all over the globe.

I’m an aspiring Actor as well as being I’m a novelist and writing screenplays on the side. I hope to produce a movie in the future.  I’m working on having my book, “The Scrolls of Beatha” published this summer.



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