Working on completing a diploma in the Communication Arts program at Lethbridge College, where I’m majoring in print journalism. Writing is a way of expressing myself creatively so I feel a bit guilty about my work providing stress relief; however, not really. Inspiring and informing others with my writing is what I really enjoy doing.

After finishing Highschool in Boissevain, MB, I jumped at the chance for a change in scenery. My uncle was coming out west to Calgary and I was on board. Shortly after coming to Calgary I moved to Canmore, AB where I have spent most of my adult life and loved it. It’s definately home and where I want to be.

In my spare time I like to mountain bike with my friends, often making the trip to Mount Swansea or Golden to ride some of the best terrain in Canada. I plan to create a mountain biking video over the summer with the help of a friend who films skiing videos.

To go with the release of the mountain bike video I plan to start preparing a magazine layout with the help of friends in the mountain bike industry. The plan is to have both released in bike shops in Canmore, Lethbridge and surrounding areas to gauge public interest.

One of the hobbies I enjoy is soccer.   I played for Canmore United for many years, made some friends, stayed in great shape, and won some games.  Canmore United won every major tournament in western Canada last year, including two NCAA teams in one tourney.  In the fall I plan to play for the Lethbridge college Kodiaks soccer team.    Several players on the team have expressed an interest in paying me to take photos and make a team video as we go through the soccer season. I’m the coach of the Under-12 Lethbridge Football Club boys team and thoroughly enjoying teaching kids how to become better soccer players and most importantly, better people.

I enjoy hockey, surfing, basketball, and music that gets my heart going. I love being outside and enjoying the outdoors, trailblazing, and running into the odd bear is an experience both terrifying and enthralling at the same time. It’s moments like that which make you feel, truly alive.


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