Toyota says solution on the way

New gas pedal systems are on the way for Toyota customers who have been dealing with malfunctioning products on several of Toyota’s biggest selling models. There has been ongoing concern all over North America and Europe, leading to the recall of 4.3 million Toyota models in the last year.

Toyota uses two different companies, the CTS and Densol Gas pedal systems in their vehicles.

Problems surfaced when the CTS gas pedal system started malfunctioning, leading to the gas pedal sticking or not releasing and catching drivers by surprise as several accidents and even fatalities occurred when the vehicles accelerated unexpectedly.

Lethbridge Toyota says their’s help on the way. Toyota owners with a registered VIN card that matches up with the installation of the CTS model gas pedal systems will receive a letter in the mail prompting a change before an accident takes place.

“Our tech’s have been going through training on how to install the new gas pedal systems, starting yesterday and they’ll be ready to install them when they arrive,” says Toyota General Manager, Andrea Almer.

The parts are being shipped and are due to arrive sometime next week. Toyota has already begun sending out letters to customers who have the CTS part in their cars.

“We’ll have computer systems in place next week that will recognize the VIN numbers and match them with the faulty part or people can wait for the letters from Toyota.”


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